Recent Publications

Secondary Metabolites in Capsicum (Capsaicinoids and Carotenoids)

Richins RD, Hernandez L, Dungan B, Hambly S, Holguin FO, O’Connell MA. (2010) A “green’ extraction protocol to recover red pigments from hot Capsicum fruit. HortScience 45:1084-1087 PDF available

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Biotic and Abiotic Stresses

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Medicinal Plants

Medina-Holguín AL, Holguín FO, Micheletto S, Goehle S, Simon JA, O’Connell MA (2008) Chemotypic variation of essential oils in the medicinal plant, Anemopsis californica. Phytochemistry 69: 919-927. PDF available

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Wang, F., Feng, C., O’Connell, M.A., Stewart, J. McD., Zhang, J. (2010) RFLP Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA in Two Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Systems (CMS-D2 and CMS-D8) of Cotton. Euphytica 172:93-99. PDF available

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